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A Discussion About Tongues

Part 2 - 5

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Second exchange with "ImPentecostal"

It is physical evidence...
You are not baptized with the Holy Ghost over and over again (unless you lose that relationship). The Holy Spirit resides in my heart as long as I stay whole. Having the Holy Ghost allows you to have a very special relationship with God, and it allows you to speak and pray on a spiritual level. How can you know you have this special relationship (From the Holy Spirit) if you cannot perform the initial purpose. (that's poorly worded, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say).

Every time I pray to the Lord there is a period of deep communication where I am speaking in another language. It really is a big step out on faith. God doesn't come down and wiggle your tongue around. It's your faith and His gift and love combined to create an amazing relationship between the two.

Having the Holy Ghost has many purpose, don't get me wrong. It helps you make decisions in everyday life, which is why I say, it resides in you and through it you speak to God in a special way.

Have you ever spoken in tongues? It's a very unique, comforting, experience. Nothing else in the world is like it. Do wonder what your missing? Why you don't have what the Apostles and the group of Gentiles received? What makes you different? In Acts 2:39 Peter says, "For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off (that's us), even as many as the Lord our God shall call." If you think God has a plan and a purpose for your life, in essence, a call, don't you think this gift is for you?

It never said in either of the scriptures that you stated in your previous message that they did not speak in tongues. The Bible, once it's been explained one or two times, does not usually explain it again and again (except in the case of generations and family lines :)), especially since receiving the Holy Ghost occurred so often in the new testament. It rarely mentions speaking in tongues again. I believe it was with the understanding that it would be understood. The only reason it was mentioned with the Gentiles is to make the point that it is not only for Jews, but EVERY one. And that EVERY one could have the same experience that the Apostles did in Acts 2.

This is an ongoing discussion that many do not understand because it's, well, a little weird. But it is true. I've seen it, heard it, done it. It takes a step out on faith. That's all.


A Physical Evidence Of The Spirit?
This may surprise you but I have had extensive experience in almost all areas of the Pentecostal / Charismatic movement including speaking in tongues. I no longer speak in tongues because the Lord has revealed to me many of the problems that exists Biblically. I would like to share what the Lord has shown me. If you do not agree that is ok.

You may not realize it but this claim that there is a physical evidence of the Holy Spirit is a very serious error Biblically and theologically. Why is this? Because it goes back to the fact that the evidence is directly connected to the event or first cause. If the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is evidenced by the speaking in tongues then it must also be true that tongues are the evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In other words it is possible to say that whenever the physical evidence of tongues is present the Baptism of the Holy Spirit must also be present. We know that this can not possibly be true. Tongues are a language. It is possible to fake a language or for someone to speak by another spirit other than the Holy Spirit. Pentecostal doctrine ties a physical evidence to the work of the Spirit. This presents a massive problem when worked our Biblically.

However, the main problem is not the physical evidence. The main question is whether the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a second experience as the Pentecostals claim or a first time experience accompanying salvation. Please remember that the Pentecostals in their doctrine state that one must experience "Regeneration or the New Birth" (#7 Statement of Fundamental And Essential Truths) and later "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit" (#12 same document). They have two separate experiences. Is this true?

Everyone agrees that Acts 2:1-4 talks about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In Acts 1:5 Jesus said, "For John baptized with water but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit." This was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost.

However when Peter was preaching on the day of Pentecost he explains theologically what is happening. Acts 2:32-33 "God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of the fact. Exalted to the right hand of God, he has received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit and has poured out what you now see and hear." 1) Being exalted to the right hand signifies that the process of Jesus providing for salvation is completed. 2) The Biblical terminology or title for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is "THE FATHER'S PROMISE". Most Pentecostals have never heard of this doctrine!

The Father's Promise is based on Jesus words in John 14:16, John 14:26, John 15:26 and Acts 1:4-5. John 14:26 "And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever..." Acts 1:4-5 "Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit." As you can see from Acts 1:4-5 the Father's promise is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Peter says in Acts 2:33 that Jesus has "received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit and has poured out what you now see and hear." In other words what they saw and heard was the Holy Spirit bringing salvation and filling those gathered on the day of Pentecost with the Holy Spirit. In other words the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-4 can not possibly be a second experience as the Pentecostals claim. Neither is the second experience found anywhere else in Scripture.

The focus of the Baptism of the H.S. is salvation not tongues! Our confession is "Jesus Is Lord" not an unknown language. Through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit we enter into the New Covenant with Jesus Christ. Pentecostal doctrine does great injustice to this essential doctrine which is the basis of our faith. Next...

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