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››What Is A Christian?: This is a question which many people are asking but unfortunately often receive an inadequate response. This article attempts to provide clear response to this important question.
››How Do Rules Function In The Christian Faith?: Many people are confused because they assume or have been told Christianity involves a list of rules. This article attempts to remove the confusion.
››He Is Real: My Encounter With Jesus Christ: I grew up thinking there was something missing in the church. After rejecting Christianity, I had an encounter with Jesus Christ which radically changed my life.
››How Do I Become A Christian?: Many people who are curious about the Christian faith ask this question at one time or another. The answer is not what many people expect.
››Moving Through The Healing Process: Inner healing is an important aspect of the Christian faith as individuals mature in their relationship with Jesus Christ. This course will help Christians experience renewal in their lives.
››How Should The Church Function?: According to the New Testament, how is the church suppose to function? In many ways it is very different from what we observe today.
››Introduction To The Charismatic Movement: The Charismatic Movement is having a tremendous impact today. The article introduces the movement and explains how it differs from other Evangelical groups.
››What Is The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit: Salvation or a Second Experience?: An article which attempts to find a Scriptural basis for an answer to this important question.
››What Does It Mean To Be A Baptist?: Many people hear Christians using the term "Baptist" but they do not know what it means. This article explains what it means to be a Baptist.
››The Principles On Which The Baptist Movement Is Founded: A comprehensive list of Baptist principles. Often the reality of what Baptists believe is very different from most people's perception.
››Ordained Leadership In The Church: Trying to make sense of leadership in the Baptist Church which believes in the "Priesthood Of All Believers" yet requires ordination before a Pastor is recognized as an official minister.
››Open Church: Most churches today worship very differently than they did in the New Testament. Open Church is one way of bringing back spiritual excitement and relevancy to the Church.
››Deliverance Ministry: In the last few years deliverance ministry has burst onto the scene. This is article provides a basic explanation of this ministry and why it is controversial.
››Is Ordination To Be Practiced In The Church?: An article which looks at the Biblical basis for the practice of ordination. Is this practice supported to be practiced in the Church today?
››Discussion With A Mormon About Ordination: A discussion on the topic of ordination which provides some basic background information on this important subject.
››Part 1: The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit: This is one of the most important doctrines shaping the Church of Jesus Christ today. In part one, several versions of the doctrine are presented.
››Part 2: Baptism Of The Holy Spirit - Biblical Analysis: In part two we consider the Biblical support for this doctrine. In the process we learn about some of the important teaching behind this teaching.
››A Discussion About Tongues: A five part unedited discussion on the controversial topic of tongues. The conversation takes place over several weeks and covers many topics relating to this subject.
››The Pentecostal Doctrine Of Healing: An examination of this important doctrine with the overall goal of developing a deeper Biblical understanding of the subject of healing.
››Tools To Assist In Interpreting The Scriptures: When interpreting a Scripture it is helpful to have tools which may assist one in developing a deeper understanding of what is being read.

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Thank-you for visiting Living Faith Forum. My name is Neil Armstrong and this is where I post the articles I write about the Christian faith. The articles found here are influenced by several factors. These include my encounter with Jesus Christ, education and twenty-five years of experience as a Pastor. Sharing my faith in Jesus Christ is the greatest joy in my life! I hope your visit is an encouragement and you are strengthened in your faith. If you are not yet a follower of Jesus perhaps you may read something here which will help you come to know Him.
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